One time fee

Demand Based Pricing

In order to retain the value of the data, we are selling by "Demand based pricing". The initial cost of the database going to be 1000USD. We going to sell it to 25 customers for flat 1000USD. On our 26th sale - the cost will be increased to 50USD + 500USD - which is 1550USD for 26th sales. 1600 for 27th sale. 1650 for 28th sale and so on.



Early Bird price for 25 Sales
$ 1000  / One time
  • 2,3840 X ICO/Crypto Investors
  • 5,796 X ICO/Crypto Journalists / Writers
  • 17,129 X ICO/Crypto Founders & CEOs
  • 34,755 X ICO/Crypto Workforce
  • 15,072 X ICO/Crypto Advisors / Partners
  • 1,642 X ICO/Crypto Youtubers
  • 26,712 X ICO/Crypto Airdrop Users
  • 4,084 X ICO/Crypto Platform Users
  • 219 X ICO / Crypto Bloggers
  • 73 X ICO / Crypto Partners Companies
  • 389 X ICO / Crypto Partners Employees
  • 602 X ICO / Crypto Traditional Investor
  • 161 X ICO / Crypto Accredited Investors
  • 2,710 X ICO / Crypto Entrepreneurs
  • 60 X ICO / Crypto Hedge Fund Companies
  • 164 X ICO / Crypto Hedge Fund Employees


101,581 email contacts with 16 segments

23,840 X Investors

A list of 23,840 ICO investors who are actively investing in crypto startups. Use this list for creating awareness and raise funds for your project.

17,129 X Founders & CEOs

A list of 17,129 Crypto Startup CEOs and Founders you can reach out to. These founders are capable of playing the great role in your ICO success.

26,712 X Airdrop Users

list of 26,712 individuals who are a great ambassador for your brand. Build a partnership for marketing & advertising.

15,072 X Advisors

15,072 influential crypto advisors all in one place. Use this list to start your outreach and build relationships with advisors.

60 – ICO / Crypto Hedge Fund Companies

A list of 60 Hedge Fund Companies who are actively investing in crypto and blockchain startups. Use this list for your ICO outreach.

219 X ICO Blogger

A list of 219 individual Journalists who can write about you. Leverage this list of crypto journalists to kick off your outreach efforts.

602 X ICO Traditional Investor

A list of 602 traditional investors you need to know. More and more traditional investors are joining the crypto wave. Use this list for ICO outreach.

389 – ICO / Crypto Partners Employees

A list of 389 individuals who are working in different exchanges, media, and legal companies. Build the partnership with the conversation.

5,796 X Journalists / Writers

If you’re looking to gain exposure for your crypto project, this hand-researched list of 5,796 individuals who can write about your startup in major magazines.

34,755 X Workforce

A list of 34,755 Crypto Startup employees you can connect with. These employees will be the great resource for your ICO Success since they are already in the industry.

1,642 X Youtubers

A list of 1,642 youtube channels you need for ICO success. Youtubers are major influencers in ICO market. Reach your products to their subscribers

4,084 X Platform Users

A list of 4,084 individuals who are users of different social media platforms ranging from Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook to Github. Reach out to them for user onboarding

164 – ICO / Crypto Hedge Fund Employees

A list of 164 individuals related to hedge funds. Hedge funds are key to ICO success. Use it this list to build the relationship.

73 X ICO Partners Companies

A list of 73 ICO partnership companies ranges from media, legal to exchanges. All data in one roof. Building partnership is key to ICO success.

161 X ICO Accredited Investors

A list of 161 accredited Investors you need to reach out. These investors are actively participating in many ICOS.

2,710 – ICO / Crypto Entrepreneurs

A list of 2710 blockchain entrepreneurs you can leverage it, enterpreneurs are natural evenglists, they take your product further, help you to connect important people in crypto.

ICO / Token Success made Simple

Whether you’re looking for Investors / Hedge funds for investment, Journalist / Youtubers for media reach, Partners for service requirements, Advisors for guidance, or just looking right workforce to build your next big company. You will have everything you need. All in one place.

For Investor Outreach [23,840]

Investment is the core objective of ICO/Token sale. You need to have a list of potential investors and hedge funds to reach out to gain the invest for your Startup during the private, public presales or ICO / Token sale.

For Media & Marketing Outreach [34,146]

Just featuring in 2 or 3 main crypto magazines is enough to pull 100’s of investors to your ICO. Featuring in a right publication or youtube channel is surely enough to build the buzz in Crypto/ICO space.

For Partnership & Recruitment [51,884]

Right Advisors, Partners are the key to success. They have contacts in the various area ranges from onboarding, legal, marketing, media to exchanges etc., Having partnerships with them brings huge power to your ICO.

In competitive Crypto / ICO market, each day it becoming hard to reach potential investor, building momentum and reaching the press. Collecting those data and reaching them takes a lot of manual effort, time and cost. CryptoCrowd.Co collected potential data over the last 2 years which you can buy and use it to reach maximum people with minimum cost, effort and time

On prochase you will have the access to over 180,000 Crypto / ICO investors and influencers which includes over 100,000+ email ids, 400,000+ social media profiles, 100's of list segments etc.., You can view the dataset here in this short video

Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive the data as the ZIP file. You will receive the data within 6-8 hours ( But usually you receive in less than 30mins)

In some cases we receive payments with Paypal on request. You can mail us at Most of the case, we prefer only cryptocurrencies. You can convert your money to cryptocurrencies using multiple 3rd party services. We recommend using Coingate. 

No worries, Feel free to reach us to – We are incredibly responsive to your requests and value your questions.