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With over 180,000+ contacts to browse from, we thought we'll make it even easier for you to find the right information. Below you can browse a pretty exhaustive list of categories.

Why you will love CryptoCrowd.Co

Skip 1000s hours of research work like collecting Crypto Investors, Journalists, Youtubers, Bloggers, Partners, Advisors, Hedge funds etc.., We have everything you need for ICO / Token Sale success.

A hand-researched list

Our team of experts has put together a hand-researched list of 180,000+ investor and influencers and we manually verified the relevance of the data.

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Weekly database update

The rapidly changing market needs rapid improvements. We provide the weekly updated list to our customers. We make improvements to this data every day, all neatly organized in one place.

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15 extensive segments

We provide the comprehensive database of Investors and influencers with 15 different segments ranges from ICO/Crypto Investors, Youtubers, Journalists, Partners, Advisors to Hedge funds.

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Use cases

Who can use? - Few Use cases

You can use this database 100's of different ways. The possibilities are limitless ranging from investor reachout, marketing, media coverage to recruitment Here are the few use cases

For Investor Reachout

Over 23,840 contacts in the database for investor reachout

For Recruitment

Over 34,755 contacts in the database for recruitment

For Media Coverage

Over 7,434 contacts in the database for media coverage

For Partnership

Over 17,129 contacts in the database for potential partnership

For Mentoring and coaching

Over 15,072 contacts in the database for mentoring & coaching

For Marketing & Advertising

Over 26,712 contacts in the database for marketing & advertising